Marine chronometer 6MX Prestige

Marine chronometer 6MX Prestige
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mechanical with manual winding
Body material
stainless steel
Housing cover
gold plating 3 micron
Body shape
36 months
table clock


Caliber mechanism - 32 mm

Height mechanism - 39.3 mm

Overall dimensions: the inner case - 190x190x190 mm; in the outer case - 320x260x234 mm

15 jewels

Working time: 56 hours

Average daily rate: to +-3,5 seconds / day

Weight set to 9 kilograms

Warranty: 36 months

Marine Chronometer 6MH is a precision instrument. It is designed to store and display the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds on ships. The timer is adjusted for average solar or sidereal time.

Chronograph - a unique mechanism of manual assembly with hronometrovym descent on 15 ruby jewels, and support the balance of the natural diamond.

The timer is set in the case and a box made of hard wood with lacquer glossy finish in the color of mahogany, or, as an option, mahogany. An analogue of marine chronometers 6MH produced only one firm - the Swiss firm "Zenith". Marine Chronometer 6MH exhibited at the Swiss Museum of hours in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The basis of the marine chronometer put konstryktsii classical scheme of instruments of time, however, to achieve a high precision chronometer konstryktsiya it has a number of features.

Spring engine is paired with a snail mechanism that serves to align and save constancy krutyaschegomomenta spring. The kinematic connection between the drum with a spring and snail osushestvlyaetsya at pomoshi uepi Gall.

With maximum torque Gall chain is at a minimum diameter spiral snail and with a minimum of torque - at the maximum diameter. Speuialny ratchet mechanism creates a power reserve, which makes it possible not to stop the timer when mainspring. Plant counter gives an indication of the length of a chronometer from the start of the plant until it is completely stop and provides a timely opportunity to produce the next spring plant.

As used chronometer hronometrovy turn provides greater accuracy than the anchor trigger controller, but is very sensitive to shock and is able to operate normally in the same position of the mechanism, namely, in a horizontal position uiferblata.

To eliminate the influence of roll and pitch of the ship on the chronometer reading accuracy, it is set in its case on gimbals, which provides in the process of preservation uiferblatom horizontal position.

The chronometer used cutting bimetallic balance with adjusting weights, compensating the temperature influence on the course of the work, as well as a screw uilindrichesky hair, facilitating a better balancing of the system in comparison with a spiral thread. One of the stones balance axis - Diamond, which ensures high accuracy of assembly and durability balance.

Start of serial production - 1949. Developer: "State Union 1 Moscow Watch Plant. Kirov "(the name of the plant in 1949).

All surface ships and submarines of the Navy shall be provided with 1 pc. 6MH and 2 pcs. State of emergency. 6MHdolzhen that serves to be the captain kayutemostike (next to the captain) and his testimony is estimated time on the ship and bottles (schedule, wake-up, lunch, sleep), etc. 6MH Watch participated in all major nautical events: circumnavigation, the outermost passages, ascents (submarines) in the North and South Poles. So, of course, it is a marine chronometer device number 1 on board the ship.

And the life of the team depends on the reliability of its work. Nowadays these unique time devices are in demand not only as a clock but as a precious gift original decorating any interior

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