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Welcome to «SMIRS» - Shop Watches Online

SMIRS is an online store of watches in which anyone can buy products at a good price from leading domestic (national) producer. Our trading platform provides a unique opportunity with guarantees to purchase wrist, pocket, diving or any other watches from Russian brands. SMIRS is not just another network store. This is a store with a name. The absence of dealers (intermediaries) between our trading platform and the producer (manufacturer) is determined by the low price on products in the catalog. Besides, to every customer is available: a wide assortment of products, delivery without prepayment by mail or courier throughout the country, free consultation on any question. The online store of wrist watches SMIRS is the guarantee of a successful purchase. Make your order now!


Our shop cooperates with manufacturers, as noted previously. The system provides for a complete absence of intermediaries. As a result, we can offer customers high-quality models of watches from brands at a low price with different types of mechanisms, protection classes and styles:

  • «East Amphibian» (Vostok Amfibiya);
  • «Aviator»;
  • «Buran»;
  • «Denisov»;
  • «Glory» (Slava);
  • «Seagull» (Chayka);
  • TH «Poljot» and many other companies.

The assortment is the pride of our trading platform. The advantage of SMIRS is the constant updating and replenishment of the list of products with various novelties of the world of watches. If you want to make a purchase, make it only from a trusted seller. Our watch shop has many thanks, both from ordinary and professional buyers. Order brand models with fast delivery across Russia right now!

Please mind that we have our own warehouse in Moscow. It means that the purchase can be delivered to you on the day of the order. There are two ways of delivery — Mail of Russia and a courier. In the first case, we offer cash payment, in the second case, payment occurs after the product is checked. You can get free delivery, if your order will be for a certain amount. After all, SMIRS is an online watch-store in Moscow, which cares not only about profits, but also about the convenience of customers. It is profitable with us!

Quartz or mechanical?

The age-old question, which is hotly debated to this day. It is familiar to all who daily wears a wristwatch. These two large groups are distinguished from the total mass of the watch — quartz and mechanical. Which one is better? To give a full and competent answer to this question, you need to understand the principle of both options. The main element of quartz models is a special generator with the same name, which drives a stepper motor. The last one forces the arrow to move the dial. Advantages of such systems can be called the accuracy of the stroke and no need to wind the watch for a long time. However, businessmen and true connoisseurs prefer mechanics. What is it characteristic? First of all, a solid appearance: a large case, leather strap, weightiness. Also you cannot ignore the high smoothness of the arrow turn. It is impossible by definition to give the final answer, which one is better. As they say, there’s a lid for every pot. Moreover, don’t forget about the difference in the budget of each customer. Nevertheless, everyone has possible to buy watches inexpensively in the online store SMIRS. There are a lot of product names, minimum prices and flexible terms of delivery and payment will please every buyer.

The real leader

Why should you buy this product from us? There are several reasons:

  • It’s official distributor. Our company is a branded online store of the manufacturer Volmaks, which produces such famous wristwatches as Aviator, Buran, Shturmanskie.
  • An extensive experience. We sell goods since 2002.
  • We have knowledge of consumer demand. Many years of experience became the basis for our nowadays established principles of communication with customers, each of which we offer the best.
  • Delivery will make to every part of the Russian Federation. It does not matter where you live. The purchase will be delivered to you with 100% probability.
  • Professional staff. Every specialist of SMIRS company has high qualification and a wealth of knowledge in the watchmaking business.
  • Recommendations. Leading domestic producer define our site as the only official site that sells the product of their production.
  • Availability of retail outlets. Are you afraid of delivery by mail? Are you used to buying what you can touch? Then welcome to one of our stores. A large trading room is located on 11, Staryiy Arbat str.

Do you want to buy a wrist watch for personal use, as an indicator of high status or just a gift to a loved one, relative, friend, acquaintance or even boss? Online store SMIRS — this is what you need. You have an opportunity to order branded products of high quality with quick delivery easily: via the electronic «shopping cart» or by phone. We are waiting for you!





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